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To iMac or not to iMac

That is the question. With a sizable tax return this year and a dieing design laptop bought when I graduated high school in 2006, I have decided to upgrade my workspace.  The hard part comes in deciding what to get. I am (finally) making the switch from PC to mac and couldnt be happier. I have narrowed down my decisions to two computers.

1. A 15inch macbook pro. 2.2GHz processor, 4 gigs of ram. $2200


2.  27inch iMac. 3.3GHz, 4 gigs of ram. $1700

The macbook provides portability, but the iMac provides power. I don’t usually do TOO much design outside the office, but there have been times when I need to go somewhere else to get away. Decision, decision. ALSO, I could buy the imac and use the difference to buy a new 16gb ipad 2 as well.

Now, keep in mind, the new iMacs are supposed to be released sometime in May with osx Tiger. The new specs/prices could sway the decision making. At this point I am still leaning towards the iMac. Only time will tell…

Which would you choose?

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