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To iMac or not to iMac

That is the question. With a sizable tax return this year and a dieing design laptop bought when I graduated high school in 2006, I have decided to upgrade my workspace.  The hard part comes in deciding what to get. I am (finally) making the switch from PC to mac and couldnt be happier. I have narrowed down my decisions to two computers.

1. A 15inch macbook pro. 2.2GHz processor, 4 gigs of ram. $2200


2.  27inch iMac. 3.3GHz, 4 gigs of ram. $1700

The macbook provides portability, but the iMac provides power. I don’t usually do TOO much design outside the office, but there have been times when I need to go somewhere else to get away. Decision, decision. ALSO, I could buy the imac and use the difference to buy a new 16gb ipad 2 as well.

Now, keep in mind, the new iMacs are supposed to be released sometime in May with osx Tiger. The new specs/prices could sway the decision making. At this point I am still leaning towards the iMac. Only time will tell…

Which would you choose?

Just another version.

Welcome to the 4th version of The hard part of being a designer is the fact that once you finish a design, you like it for a total of 5 minutes before you want to change it again. This is the case for my personal websites I create. I am never content with them. There are always things that can make them better. The truth is, my knowledge of design and coding grow at the same time that they are being built, which means by the time they are done, I’m ready to move on to the next big thing. Hopefully I can be content enough in this design that it sticks for a while. More works to come.